Group Travel

We specialises in the accommodation and event management for motoring tours and holidays for classic, vintage and sports cars of any age.
We support and organise with our partners:

Accompanied Group Tours: Scheduled tours for small groups of around 12 to 40 cars, with wonderful camaraderie with like-minded travellers and drivers. You can rely on us for choosing lovely accommodation (with suitable parking), advise he best places and scenic routes. There is no convoy driving, early departures and competitive stages – just a relaxing and fun touring holiday.

Club Tours: We have worked with a number of car clubs and private groups to arrange tours for their members. We can professionally organise the entire tour so clubs do not have to rely on the goodwill of volunteers. We take away the hassle of arranging a touring holiday for a large number of people – which always takes far longer and involves far more time than any novice volunteer ever thinks!

Private Tours: We have also arranged tours for groups of friends or families for special events and birthday celebrations..

We help with all the arrangements and make the reservations (except for flights and Ferries). All you need to do is turn up! 

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