Responsible Tourism

Hogan Holidays is committed to Responsible Tourism. We’ve always collaborated with locals and businesses in our destinations. 

Responsible Tourism

Hogan Holidays is committed to Responsible Tourism as a core value. Since the beginning, one of our primary goals has been to collaborate with the locals and businesses of the areas we visit. Not only do we believe that this will provide you with the best experience possible, but it will also bring benefits to the communities in the area. Because of this, the local community of the area has a strong incentive to protect the aspects of their culture, wildlife, and environment that are most appealing to tourists. On the other hand, we make it a point to steer clear of “tourist traps.”

There are many things that you can do on your trip to travel in an ethical manner, such as recycling, being conscious of cultural sensitivities, and acting as our “eyes and ears” for the wonderful and the less wonderful things that you encounter.

Our Commitment

We consider it our duty to guide you in the right direction so that you can reach your destination safely. We are able to accomplish this through the efforts of collaboration with the people with whom we have close working relationships all over the world, with leaders in the community of sustainability, and with the enthusiastic staff at Hogan Holidays.

We collaborate with a wide variety of hotel firms that are all environmentally conscious, such as the Paradors, Pousadas, Relais & Chateaux Hotels, Hospes, and many others; each of these organisations has made a commitment to ensure that they are acting in an environmentally responsible manner. For instance, the Paradors are starting to make changes to their hotels in order to make them more environmentally friendly. The Parador de Cadiz does an excellent job of demonstrating this. They use rainwater for the fire safety sprinklers, grey water in the toilets, and solar panels on the roof to generate electricity for the building. In addition, each guest room is outfitted with a demotic system that controls the lighting, heating, and air-conditioning, as well as light-sensitive windows that dim automatically when the sun is shining in order to keep the room at a comfortable temperature.

Sharing Our Passion

We all work from home, which means that we do not need to produce additional pollution in order to get to work. If we do need to travel somewhere, whether it be for a play or a travel event, we will use public transportation whenever it is an option.

Every year, we will conduct a beach clean-up in an effort to reduce the amount of rubbish that is found in our oceans, which causes harm to creatures on a regular basis. We do this in the hopes that it would encourage others to come and help us in the fight against the accumulation of rubbish in our waters. In addition to this, we will give money to charitable organisations that plant trees all over the world.

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