Tag: France

Jan 10
Wine Enthusiasts: Exploring Europe’s Finest Wine Regions

For wine connoisseurs seeking a delightful escape, look no further than Europe, a…

Feb 08
Exploring the Loire Valley in Style and Comfort

Are you looking for a relaxing holiday that offers the perfect mix of history, nature…

Nov 15
Responsible Tourism

Hogan Holidays is committed to Responsible Travel. We've always collaborated with…

Oct 25
Castle, Fortress & Manor Hotel

There are few settings more likely to spark romance than a sprawling country house.…

Sep 15
Hotels Inspired by James Bond – 007

James Bond 007 is a man on the move. This is the 25th film in the series, and it was…

Mar 28
Pet-Friendly Hotels

Our Hotels welcome your pet, to ensure travelling to charming destinations is much…

Mar 03
Group Tours

We specialise in the accommodation and event management for Classic & Sport car tours…

Jan 27
Formula 1 Grand Prix, Monaco

Itinerary Monaco, a playground for those who appreciate the finer things in life makes…

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