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Hogan Holidays is an LGBT-friendly travel agency that wants every traveller to have a good time regardless of sexual orientation or identity.

We are on the brink of a new era of travel, as the world is slowly leaving lockdown. Everyone is slowly beginning to plan their next journeys again, and many of us will factor in long airport queues and travel restrictions.

There are always unavoidable hurdles when it comes to planning a trip. For the LGBT community, it can be extra challenging simply because of the person you love or because of your sexual identity. As LGBT rights vary considerably, LGBT travellers can be confronted with risks and challenges that other travellers may never have when they travel abroad.

Hogan Holidays offers LGBT-friendly travel services that enable all customers to enjoy a full fun holiday regardless of their sexual orientation, without having to worry about restrictions & risks.

Why Book Through A LGBT-friendly Travel Agency ?

Whether you’re just starting to narrow down your dream destination from a long list of options, or you’re ready to schedule vacation time, Hogan Holidays is here to help. In order to create bespoke holidays and unique experiences, we focus on the best LGBT holiday destinations. Our strategy is based on establishing trusting relationships with our partners in the destinations we have to offer. Above all our partners have shared their intention to collaborate with LGBT singles, couples, and groups and to welcome you with open arms.

Hogan Holidays is a LGBT-Friendly agency that provides experiences unlike any other in the industry, to provide our travellers with customised service and attention to detail.

Hogan Holidays is not only a gay-friendly travel company but also dedicated to planning holidays all around Europe.

Our Travel Experts listen to our clients and offer a range of options: unique places around Europe, exciting tailor-made routes, inspirations, and travel tips.

Handpicked Luxury Accommodation

At Hogan Holidays we are destination experts, passionate globe trotters and global cultural ambassadors. We operate a Bespoke Client Culture – taking care of discerning, adventuring travellers …. Working in partnership with passionate and authentic brands, our collection celebrates the cultures and destinations we represent with a bespoke approach to both personal and group travel. All our partners are handpicked and gay-friendly vetted.

Our collection of exclusive travel services includes luxury , boutique, historic hotels, private villas, luxury city apartments.

We design the bespoke luxury travel holidays for you.

Personalised Service

Recognizing that the majority of our customers value safety and privacy, particularly when travelling abroad, Hogan Holidays ensures that you can move freely and without risk. As a result, we have arranged for a private transfer to and from the accommodation. we can also offer a personalised service with the drivers for daily activities, to the beach, city, shopping, or to another destinations.

Ready to have that holiday you have always dreamed of ?

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Enjoy Amazing Beskope Itineraries, Around Europe with A Great Team Of Travel Experts.

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