Legacy of Andalusia Route

Parador Ruta

7 Night Route

Unearth Andalusia’s endless beauty and diverse culture, from its stunning Malaga coast to its captivating Caliphal city of Córdoba. Begin this wondrous journey on a Sunday and be enchanted by all there is to explore!

B&B Price

£454.00 per person

HB Price

£637.00 per person

General Conditions

  • Route available until December 2024 (included).
  • The stay starts on Sunday and finishes on Sunday.
  • The route is not valid for departures between 7 July and 18 August, both inclusive.
  • Neither dates of the stay nor the establishments can be varied or modified during the route.
  • This route and rate are not valid for groups.
  • A credit card will always be required as a guarantee of the reservation.

Cancellations and appearance

  • The price of the first night of the route shall be the cancellation fee charged for cancellations made less than 48 hours before the day of arrival.
  • Cancellations made during the route shall not be entitled to any refund of the price paid.
  • No appearance: If the guest does not appear on the first day of the route, it will imply the cancellation of the complete route and the payment of the first night as a cancellation fee. Taxes included.

The route includes 

A 7-night stay in a standard double room on the chosen basis (bed and breakfast or half board).

The route does not include

Transport shall be at the expense of the guests, as will the tours and access to monuments or places of interest (the information offered is of a merely indicative nature).


Day 1

Take a tour through seven centuries of captivating history in Malaga – Spain’s southern paradise. Start by exploring the magnificent palace-citadel, once home to powerful Nasrid kings and today holding an impressive Provincial Archaeological Museum. Then take time to admire the stunning cathedral or discover 230 works by Pablo Picasso at his Birthplace and Museum! From there embark on a journey into nature with sun-soaked beaches nearby, plus golf courses perfect for taking that birdie shot. Get ready for days overflowing with culture, tradition and beautiful sunny days. 

Day 2

Continue your journey to Ronda, the spirited land of bullfighting and wild bandits. A city born from centuries-old Arab influence permeates every alleyway with its entrancing history; marvel at historic monuments such as The Old Bridge, Gigantes House, or Mondragón Palace. Experience an authentic Spanish event – Goyesca Bullfight held in Real Maestranza de Caballería Arena each year! Nature lovers will find serenity admiring El Tajo Gorge’s impeccable beauty while savouring breathtaking views over Tagus river from the cozy Parador de Ronda is located next to the astonishing New Bridge built atop a 120m deep ravine. An adventure awaits you in Malaga’s enchanting inland scenery!

Day 3 & 4

Journey back in time and discover the cultural richness of Antequera. With its advantageous geographical location, it has been home to several civilisations leaving a legacy that is still alive today! Visit awe-inspiring monuments such as Dolmen Complex of Menga, Viera and El Romeral from the Bronze Age or take a tour through old town churches like San Juan Bautista and San Sebastián alongside hidden gems like Papabellotas Castle or palaces from 17th & 18th century all pleasingly built with Spanish Baroque style architecture. Feel inspired when you reach your destination – The Royal Collegiate Church of San Sebastián (16th c.) then visit Convent La Encarnación before ending at Plaza del Coso Viejo- an experience not worth missing out on!

Explore the majestic beauty of Andalusia by trying one of its local specialties, porra antequerana. Then embark on a breathtaking journey to Los Ardales Natural Park where Caminito del Rey awaits with its spectacular view over El Chorro gorge and River Guadalhorce that flows more than 100 metres high! Don’t forget to also marvel at the otherworldly karst landscape found in El Torcal’s captivating rock formations, chasms and caves – only half an hour away from your starting point. Rediscover yourself through this wondrous tour around magical Andalusia!

Day 5

Following on your journey to Carmona, and Seville! Unearth centuries worth of stories as you behold impressive architectural feats that are a testament to its Arab legacy. From its imposing fortress-like Alcázar del Rey Don Pedro down to Churches and Palaces, explore hidden gems like Puerta de Sevilla or Roman Necropolis found within the San Felipe Mudejar neighbourhood – all just half an hour away from bustling Seville featuring captivating monuments and artworks

Day 6 & 7

Step into a world of magic and grandeur as you make your way to Córdoba, the legendary city that was once home to one of the most powerful caliphates in history. En route down Andalusia’s Genil Valley lies Écija – an illustrious cultural centre boasting majestic towers and opulent baroque domes which will take your breath away. Upon arrival at this UNESCO World Heritage Site, explore its awe-inspiring mosque with almost 1000 captivating columns connected by distinctive horseshoe arches – a true testament to Islamic architecture!

Lose yourself in the captivating beauty of Cordoba, a city full of secrets and surprises. Take in awe-inspiring monuments like the iconic Synagogue or Roman bridge alongside fascinating museums that tell stories from centuries ago – there’s nothing quite as powerful! Then explore further beyond to discover Medina Azahara; its legendary name is echoed across history with tales waiting to be unraveled by you. Whether it’s taking time just embracing nature along patios bursting with vibrant flowers or uncovering mysteries wrapped up deep within walls built over 1,000 years ago – this is your chance to live an adventure amongst historic sites steeped in culture and enchantment!

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