Hotel CSR Support Service

We offer a service that helps hoteliers improve the effectiveness of their charitable giving, and all at no cost!

Instead of donating vouchers on an ad hoc basis, we help your hotel to set up a structured programme that delivers significant marketing benefits, reduces the workload for your busy sales team, and raises significantly more money for charities.

In partnership with:

1500 +

Inbound requests managed

£ 775K

Raised for charity


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CSR Service for Hoteliers

Does your hotel receive countless voucher donation requests?
Can processing them take time and is it difficult to know who to support?
Hogan Holidays offers a zero cost service where we help manage said requests and place your donated vouchers into the most suitable fundraising events for your brand.
With the charities we promote your property and donation, building a marketing campaign across the UK whilst your property generates a significant donation.
We provide you with a report that clearly demonstrates the impact of you generosity, as we know you are rarely told what your vouchers raise or how they are used.

Benefits To Your Hotel

• Zero cost service
• Creation of the vouchers & tracking code
• Targeted Sales & Marketing opportunities

• Revenue via new customers and secondary spend
• Regular marketing & Donations reports
• Raising considerable sums for Charity

Example Hotel Report


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"We take our responsibility to the local community seriously, yet the volume of demands we receive can be overwhelming at times. By partnering with Hogan Holidays, we are able to concentrate on providing excellent service to our customers and meeting our corporate social responsibility goals without having to worry about any of the logistics involved."
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