Green Spain I Route

Parador Ruta

7 Night Route

Escape to a stunning natural paradise on the Green Spain Route I. Unspoiled beauty, from wild beaches and lush countryside of the Basque Country down to Galicia. Journey through majestic Picos de Europa Mountains – an unforgettable experience away from bustling city life. Along your journey, stop at delightful Paradors on the Ruta.  Don’t miss out; this enchanting route starts on a Sunday!

B&B Price

£358.00 per person

HB Price

£541.00 per person

General Conditions

  • Route available until December 2024 (included).
  • The stay starts on Sunday and finishes on Sunday.
  • The route is not valid for departures between 7 July and 18 August, both inclusive.
  • Neither dates of the stay nor the establishments can be varied or modified during the route.
  • This route and rate are not valid for groups.
  • A credit card will always be required as a guarantee of the reservation.

Cancellations and appearance

  • The price of the first night of the route shall be the cancellation fee charged for cancellations made less than 48 hours before the day of arrival.
  • Cancellations made during the route shall not be entitled to any refund of the price paid.
  • No appearance: If the guest does not appear on the first day of the route, it will imply the cancellation of the complete route and the payment of the first night as a cancellation fee. Taxes included.

The route includes 

A 7-night stay in a standard double room on the chosen basis (bed and breakfast or half board).

The route does not include

Transport shall be at the expense of the guests, as will the tours and access to monuments or places of interest (the information offered is of a merely indicative nature).


Day 1, 2 & 3

Discover the wonders of Cantabrian territories with visits to Limpias, home of Christo de la Agonía and La Salvé beach in Laredo. Take a journey into Cabárceno Nature Park where you can find more than 100 species from around the world roaming semi-freely or explore Ansón Valley which will take your breath away! Taste delicacies like Santander’s fried squid before uncovering culture at Bilbao’s iconic Guggenheim Museum & savor mouthwatering artisan anchovies for an unforgettable experience.


Day 4

Asturias is a stunning region of Spain, with beauty that must be seen to be believed. In Cangas de Onís, discover the charming Roman bridge from where you can admire an exact replica of the 10th-century Cruz de la Victoria which commemorates the battle of Covadonga. Then take in Santa Clara Chapel and peer inside majestic Cortés Palace – before exploring all your senses at one its celebrated chigres! Take part in their lively show for pouring cider and try out some delicious local delicacies such as Cabrales cheese or other delights made special by this region’s cuisine. Treat yourself to nature’s wonders too; alongside Picos de Europa National Park lies Casa Dago visitors center – perfect for hikers and mountain climbers alike! End your adventure on a religious note by visiting the Royal Grounds Of Covadonga & Santina (places not found anywhere else). Be sure to take time admiring both beautiful lakes there while you’re there too: it’ll stay etched forever into memory!


Day 5

Gijón is a vibrant port city in the north of Spain, offering something for everyone. From its historic promenades and marina to its stunning beaches, this picturesque coastal spot promises an enriching experience all year round. Visitors can explore Santa Catalina hill with the beautiful Elogio del Horizonte sculpture by Chillida or take in views from atop majestic sea cliffs – perfect occasions to feel connected with nature’s wonders! Gijón also abounds with cultural highlights such as an international film festival and book fair; visitors will find plenty of museums too like Railway Museum or International Bagpipe Monument that make it stand out even further!


Day 6

As we continue our journey, the stunning Camino del Note pilgrimage route, Ribadeo welcomes us with open arms. Found at Galicia and Asturias’ shared border, this seaside town offers much-needed replenishment for soul and body alike; explore its majestic beaches – like Playa de las Catedrales – where terrains bejeweled by wind-sculpted cliffs towering 32 meters above sea level await! This natural monument is one to behold not only because of it’s beauty but also thanks to its inclusion in a unique Biosphere Reserve set between Eo & Oscos Region along with Tierras de Burón River which makes available endless nautical activities as well as sports prowess experiences. The city of Ribadeo will captivate you forever when taking some time to visit El Fort of San Damián.


Day 7

Finishing your journey of discovery to Vilalba – a beautiful land steeped in legends and home to magical rivers, plains, thermal springs, and precious cuisine. Enjoy the best Galician gastronomy has to offer from luscious Pulpo a feira (boiled octopus with olive oil and paprika), fragrant meat pies or creamy filloas crepes for more comforting winter weather. And if you’re lucky enough to be here during Christmas don’t forget your chance at sampling their delightful specialty – ‘Vilalbas Capon’! So what are you waiting for? Come explore this charming corner of Spain’s rich heritage today!


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